Our baking habits

Ok, the first poll has been closed for now.  If you remember the question was “How often do you bake bread”. 

Here are the stats (in %)

Weekly: 22
Never: 22
More than weekly: 20
Quarterly: 7
Monthly: 7
Annually: 7

So, what do these statistic mean?

My hypothesis is that those respondents who bake more than weekly are professional bakers and those who bake weekly are dedicated home bakers who never buy bread.  I love the fact that there are so many keen bakers out there following this site and I would appreciate it if you could pass this site on to people you know who never bake and who may be dedicated white slicers.

One of the aims of Virtuousbread.com, in addition to providing relevant and interesting content to bread enthusiasts is to inform people’s bread choices and, ideally, inspire dedicated bread buyers and white slicers to try some new things:  maybe try buying a different kind of bread or baking at home.  The only truly bad bread is additive-rich, industrially baked bread and this only exists because there is sufficient demand.  The people who make this bread are not bad people:  they are business people and they are meeting the demands of the market place.  In making those demands, however, consumers are arguably compromising their health and the health of the planet. 

One loaf of bread bought in a market, at your local excellent quality craft baker, or baked at home is one less loaf that comes wrapped in plastic.  One loaf of good quality bread bought in the supermarket is one less loaf of inferior quality, harmful-to-all bread bought in the supermarket.  Maybe, just maybe that one bread choice change will turn into a habit and over time the consumer will demand something different, better, healthier, and less damaging to their health and our planet.

So, whilst I am thrilled so many of you bake so frequently, I know you are not representative of the 89% of the population in the west that eats inferior quality bread.  I would like to move that needle.  In order to do so, people who are not following virtuousbread.com today need to follow.  Please help move the needle – not by judging or lecturing – but by helping virtuousbread.com inform, entertain, and cajole and in so doing, encourage people to make choices for themselves.

I will run the poll again in a few months time and meanwhile, please, pass on this link to anyone and everyone you know.  My thanks.

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