Lovely review of All You Knead Is Bread

A Canadian nutritioninst, food blogger and cook book reviewer, Sarah Reid, has written a wonderful, thoughtful, and very well tested review of All You Knead Is Bread.  Here it is,the first bit – and please click to the rest –  enjoy!

“There are few things that embody the heart and spirit of the creator more than a handmade loaf of bread. Bread is a staple, occurring in some form or another in every country around the world. From inexpensive crusts baked in the ashes of wood burning fires to the extravagant brioches and fruit-studded, alcohol infused holiday breads found in December and at Easter, it is undeniable that mankind relies on it. Well made bread in the home kitchen is certainly attainable, and Jane Mason provides a wealth of information and techniques in her first book, All You Knead is Bread.”

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