Good bread takes time and connects us back to ourselves – notes from the MLOVE Castle

Preparing to bake bread in the castle kitchen. Morning after night before.

Oh No!  What is the world coming to!  The travelling bread oven decends on Germany and makes bread in the castle!

The MLOVE ConFestival kicks off today – a celebration of the mobile industry and an opportunity to think about its future.  The travelling bread oven is here to – well – part of that is a secret and part of that is to bake with the attendees to remind them that there is more to life than mobile and that some things just don’t happen instantly.  Good bread takes time.  There are no instant answers here.

Up at five (just when some people were going to bed) I rootled around the kitchen, finding flour, yeast, salt and then some added extras – schmaltz (ie lard) thankfully a common larder ingredient in Germany, honey, some feta, some yoghurt….more than enough to do some good things.

Shaped dough - proofing for the second time

Max joined at six and cleared up after the night before while I kneaded the dough.  We listened to the radio and talked life the universe and everything, mixing and kneading, proofing and waiting.  A few hours later we had (yet another) focaccia di recco (not tired of it yet) with feta and sliced onions inside and three gorgeous puff ball loaves with schmaltz and honey inside.

The focaccia di recco - cooling on the window sill

Watch out attendees – the bread is here to challenge you!  In a quiet kind of way, of course.

Finished BIG BUN loaf - unsuitable for the vegetarians (sorry!)

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