Bath buns – delicious and easy enough for kids to make

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Nobody knows if these buns really originate in Bath, England. They are sweet, soft buns that are simple and quick to make.

Bath Buns

Prep Time4 hrs
Cook Time20 mins
Course: Breakfast, coffee, Snack, tea
Cuisine: english
Keyword: bath, Buns, enriched bread, Sweet bread
Servings: 12 buns


For the dough

  • 500 g plain (all purpose) flour
  • 2.5 g instant yeast OR 5 g dry yeast OR 10 g fresh yeast
  • 50 g white sugar
  • 250 g milk heated to just below boiling point and allowed to cool right down
  • 10 g salt
  • 50 g butter room temperature
  • 2 eggs
  • 150 g sultanas or raisins
  • 50 g mixed, candied peel

For the topping

  • rock sugar to sprinkle on top


  • Place the dried fruit in a bowl and cover with water.
  • Measure the flour into a bowl and make a well in it. Sprinkle the sugar in and add the yeast.
  • Pour over the milk and flick some flour on top to close the well. Leave it for one hour.
  • Add the salt, butter, and eggs and mix together.
  • Knead well for 10 minutes by hand or machine. Place it in a bowl and cover it with a tea towel. Let it rest for 20-30 minutes to soften up.
  • Drain the fruit well and add it to the bowl with the dough. Gently incorporate the fruit to ensure it is well distributed. Cover the bowl again and let the dough rest for 2 hours. You can make this the night before and put it in the fridge if you want to. But if you do that, the buns will take longer to rise once they are shaped. Keep reading…these are simple to shape so you don't need cold dough to make it easier.
  • When you are ready to shape the buns, line a tray with non stick baking parchment. If you have a big roasting tin with deep side, this is a good option. It has to be big enough to fit 12 buns.
  • Spoon 12 blobs of dough on to the tray. Sprinkle rock sugar over the top of each bun. Cover with a tea towel and let rest for one hour.
  • Heat oven to 180 degrees C and pop the buns in. Bake for 12 minutes and then remove.
  • Let them cool on a wire rack.
  • Eat. Yum.