Baking in a sea container in Berkshire

Baking in a sea container in Berkshire

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On top of a hill in the middle of the forest there is a little cottage.  And in the cottage lives the forrester and his lovely wife who is a baker....sound like the beginning of a fairy tale?  No such thing - it's true!

learn to bake bread in berkshire

Mr Red stands guard!

My friend and fellow Bread Angel, Lucie Steele lives in a little cottage in the forest on top of a hill outiside Hermitage in Berkshire.  Lucie is a terrific baker and after doing the Bread Angel course, started baking in Berkshire.  The demand for her bread has grown so much that she has invested in professional bakery gear (mixer, deck oven, huge trays, peels...) and in a place to put it:  in a sea container in her garden!

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The number of the sea container

Bread courses in Berkshire

The Sea Container!

The container is terrific - it came all ready to go with windows, doors, floors, water and electricity points.  It's a jolly British Racing Green colour and is the perfect size for a bakery - and for teaching.  There is a steep learning curve, as Lucy admits.

"Moving from a wood fired Esse to a deck oven is no mean feat - but I can bake 50 sourdough crackers and 25 loaves in one hour now so it's worth it.  Before I had the deck oven I really was up all night baking."

Bread course Berkshire

The wood fired Esse

Bake bread in Berkshire

The deck oven in the sea container

Working on it she is, and the results speak for themselves - and incredible range of fantastic, hand made bread and crackers available for sale in the Hermitage area.  You can contact Lucie at Birch Cottage Bakery if you happen to be passing, or by calling her on 07766 203 335 to place an order or find out if she distributes near you.

Bread Course Berkshire Birch Cottage Bakery Lucie Steel

Lucie in her sea container

Lucie is also teaching the basic bread and sourdough bread courses now, and is a dedicated and professional teacher.  If you need any more convincing just try her bread - it's terrific.

Learn to bake sourdough bread in berkshire

Sourdough crackers in the deck oven

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11 Responses to “Baking in a sea container in Berkshire”

  1. Peter Firth

    30. Jan, 2013


    I have two questions: Whereabouts in Berkshire are you situated?

    I'd like to attend a sourdough course but your next ones are all on Wednesdays. I teach part-time (not cookery) on Wednesday evenings in London on Wednesdays so can't make this day. Will you be running the course on other days of the week?

    Thank you in advance

  2. virtuousbread

    31. Jan, 2013

    Hi Peter, I have forwarded your message to Lucie who teaches in Berks. I am sure she will be back to you soon!

  3. Peggy Brodie

    30. Apr, 2013

    Hello, I am interested in this course with Lucie Steele for my daughter. Please email with contact details. Thankyou

  4. Mary Felgate

    17. Feb, 2014

    Fantastic! I have just seen you on TV.
    I am SO fed up with the rubbish bread you get in all food shops in England... No matter what is on the shelves, made in house, or what's left at the end of the day it's ALL horrible.
    No wonder people have allergies.... Apparently the flour grown in this country is all about shelf life!

    So annoying you are far away in Berkshire though that's no problem really as my husband and I like to make Sunday trips to Henley and to London frequenting anything from The Lansborough, The Dorchester, the Ritz, the Wolesley and checking out special cafés much like your own.

    You should get a piece in the Sunday Times.

    One of these days I shall get to Pierreponts cafe.

    Can you let me know the timings of when you are on TV. In February 2014. I hope I haven't missed it.

    Well done, you are fantastic!

  5. virtuousbread

    19. Feb, 2014

    THANK YOU!!!!! Lucie.

  6. Linda Webb

    12. Jun, 2016

    Hi. I am retired partner from Waitrose and pick up the Weekend magazine from my local store every week. I was very interested in the articles regarding bread and would like to know whereabouts you are in Berkshire so as I could buy my bread from you. I live in Sonning Common which is between Reading and Henley, so quite local to you.
    Thank you

    Linda Webb

  7. virtuousbread

    13. Jun, 2016

    Dear Linda, Thank you for your message. I will forward it to Lucie and I know she will come back to you. Kind regards, Jane Mason

  8. George Rudd

    02. Aug, 2017

    Hi there what is that aga make can you send me a link? And all i am so inspired by your success i do bake bread in a garage with a convection oven but want to fo wood fire or deck oven cant wait to get in touch with you

  9. virtuousbread

    02. Aug, 2017

    Hi there, it is a wood fired esse.


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