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what is a montreal bagel

Down the rabbit hole of the digital native

To become real, we need to grow. To grow, we must experience both joy and pain at the hands of others. Read on...

What is the language of lack

Many people focus on what they don’t have.   You may know them: everything about what they say and what they do...Read on

The silver bullet for innovation

In order to innovate people must feel comfortable, and in order to feel comfortable people must feel trust. Read on...

Delicious. Healthy. Simple.


30 a week is a snap with fresh salsa

To enjoy optimal gut health we need to eat a variety of plants every week. Incorporating fresh salsa is a delicious and easy way to get there...


Hacks to increase your plant count

Increasing your weekly plant count is not necessarily obvious so here are some brilliant hacks to help you...


Real food is really good for you

It can be a challenge to cook if you are not used to it or don't enjoy it. My books are aimed at beginners and experienced cooks...

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