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Sourdough Focaccia

This is the single most popular question when I do a talk on sourdough – “can I make sourdough focaccia?” and the answer is of course – YES!
Remember, we only learned how to cultivate yeast in the mid 1800s and we have been baking for thousands of years.  So – you can make ANYTHING our of sourdough!  There are some differences and if you are keen, you can read about them here.  If you are really keen, click here and have ALL your questions answered by taking the sourdough course with us.
Course: Breakfast


  • 1 big tablespoon of Rye sourdough starter from the fridge  It can be dormant)
  • 500 g Plain white flour
  • 500 g Water

Stir, cover and let it sit on the counter until the next day.


    The next day:

    • Add 10 g of salt and “stretch and fold” the focaccia dough a few times to mix in the salt.  Cover and leave for an 3 hours or so, stretching and folding once per hour if you can be bothered.  The dough should be blistered on the top before you take it to the next step.
    • Oil a non stick pan (or line the pan with non stick parchment and then oil it) with plenty of good quality olive oil.  Pour in the dough and stretch the top edge and fold to the middle.  Stretch the bottom edge and fold to the middle and then flip the dough over and dimple well, pushing out to the sides and ends of your pan.  Cover and leave for a 1-2 of hours until it is all blistered on the top.
    • Heat the oven to 230 degrees.
    • Top it with whatever you want (rosemary and sage and sea salt; onion and garlic and sea salt; sun dried tomato and shallot and sea salt….) and squish it down with your fingers so it looks a bit like a brain.  Put it in the oven for 20-25 minutes.  If it gets too brown cover the top with foil or non stick baking parchment.  Remove and take it out of the pan immediately.  Eat that day (it won’t be hard).  Remember, at any point you can put the dough in the fridge to slow it down.