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Pita bread

Great recipe for sourdough pita bread

This is another recipe from my book Homemade Sourdough. It’s super fun to do. Would you like to learn more about sourdough bread baking?  Book a class with us today and take the sourdough course!  Your own starter, plenty of bread to eat and take home, expert instruction, copious notes, coffee, tea, lunch….it’s all happening

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Fourth place in the search for the best baguette recipe

This baguette recipe is based on one from the French Culinary Institute’s (now called the International Culinary Centre located in the USA) bread book entitled, “The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Bread Baking”.  It’s the Poolish Baguette on p 101.  It’s not in fourth place in the search for the best baguette recipe because it’s bad

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Great recipe for sourdough bagels

Yeast was “invented” – in that we could actually hold it in our hands – in the mid 1800s.  Yet, we have been baking for about 10,000 years (give or take a few).  So, before the mid 1800s and, really before the second world war, all bread was made with a sourdough culture.   Variously

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