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Thanksgiving (or Harvest Festival) is a great time to bake

I never actually bake bread for the Thanksgiving meal.  There is too much going on already.  It’s basically the precursor to Christmas Dinner (yay!  in Canada we get turkey twice a year!) and I don’t know anyone who wants bread rolls on top of everything else there is to eat.  No…it’s the day after.  The

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Bread and Spread – the new book by Jane Mason

Since publishing All You Knead Is Bread and The Book of Buns, I have been busy in the food writing world!  November 2014 saw the publication of Mexico – The Cookbook for which I was the contributing editor, perfecting my Mexican cookery skills along the way.  May 2015 sees the publication of Homemade Sourdough.  So,

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Easy Recipe for Irish Soda Bread

Soda bread is classic Irish bread.  This simple recipe for soda bread is ready in 30 minutes and is perfect for when you do not have a lot of time, when you have run out of bread or when unexpected guests show up for lunch!  Delicious and satisfying, it compliments any meal with its simple elegance.

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Recipe for conchas – a famous Mexican pan dulce

If you can make brioche you can make conchas and here is a really easy recipe for conchas which are made of an enriched dough (not quite as enriched by a true recipe for brioche but not far off) that is shaped into balls and topped it with something akin to pastry.  Really very delicious

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What is scalded flour and why use scalded flour

In my research for my new book, The Book of Buns, I have discovered an amazing fact.  Scalding flour before adding it to bread dough is not a technique limited to Scandinavia.  In fact, is used all over Asia to make buns!  Yes!  Many of the recipes for the buns I have been eating for

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