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Can I make stollen out of sourdough? Of course you can!

Baking sourdough stollen Teaching baking at The Clink restaurant in High Down Prison is always a blast.  There are new things to see, do, and try every time.  We did a lot of Italian Baking this year.  We had the world premiere of the sourdough hot cross bun.  This month, we prepared (in addition to

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How to make German Christmas bread – Stollen

My friend Jules spent many years kind of ignoring the fact that she is German.  Educated in the UK and a following a career path that took her from St Louis to South Africa, when I first visited her in Hamburg she swore that there were no German restaurants in the city.  Then she thought

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Recipe for Stollen Success

Book now to learn to bake stollen in time for Christmas! Stollen is a celebration bread with roots in Dresden where it was first mentioned officially in the fifteenth century.  Like many types of celebration bread, stollen is enriched with delicious, expensive things to honour guests and celebrate religious holiday.  Of course there is no

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