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The four different forms of yeast and how to use them

What is the difference between instant yeast and dry yeast?  How can I substitute for fresh yeast when I cannot get any?  How do I use a sourdough starter in a recipe that calls for yeast?  Recently I have had a lot of questions about yeast so it was about time to write a little

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Baking with Sprouted Flour

A simple approach to baking bread with sprouted flour Sprouted grain is just that:  grain that is moistened, and left to sprout.  In the process of sprouting, the new plant that emerges from the grain begins to consume itself to get the energy it needs to grow.  In doing so, it begins to destroy the

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Making sourdough crackers at the Masai Mara in Kenya!

Last year I had a lovely student named Tricia come to the sourdough class.  She wanted to learn sourdough because she lives for half the year on the edge of the Masai Mara and cannot  get good bread.  Nor can she always get yeast.  Nor is the electricity supply necessarily reliable.  The answer?  Sourdough! Tricia

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Can I make stollen out of sourdough? Of course you can!

Baking sourdough stollen Teaching baking at The Clink restaurant in High Down Prison is always a blast.  There are new things to see, do, and try every time.  We did a lot of Italian Baking this year.  We had the world premiere of the sourdough hot cross bun.  This month, we prepared (in addition to

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Deep in the land of bread….

Deep in rural Bavaria there is a particular farm that has diversified into offering holidays, riding lessons, a local produce food store, a high end vegetarian restaurant (yes!  in Bavaria!) that offers cooking classes (vegetarian!  in Bavaria!) and a fantastic bakery/cafe. Through the glass, we watched the bread and cake bakers at work and, even

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Chickens, kittens and eggs in a fine cosmic balance

“Which chicken?” The characteristic I-swallowed-a-trombone-for-my-breakfast voice of Pete rumbled down the line. This was in response to the frantic “I killed a chicken and I am so sorry” message that I left earlier in the day. To be absolutely honest, that was not my message. My message went more like this: “Pete, it’s Jane here. 

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