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Easy recipes for sourdough bread

Here at Virtuous Bread we have always been interested in making baking easy and accessible.  That is why our bread courses are so much fun and get such great reviews.  People leave our classes with LOADS of bread that they made themselves and they realise that it was both enjoyable and simple!  Our philosophy extends

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Easy rye bread recipes

It’s fantastic that more and more people are becoming hip to rye bread.  Rye is tasty, good for you, provides a welcome alternative to wheat bread, and compliments certain food (smoked meat and fish, strong cheese) really well. The great thing is that baking with rye is really easy. There are a few characteristics of

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Should I eat lard?

Those who know me know I am a huge fan of lard.   Lard is 40% saturated fat to butter’s 50%.  So if you eat butter you really should also be eating lard with a certain amount of gay abandon, unless you have a religious reason not to, of course, or if you are a

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When is my sourdough starter ready?

Further to the post about sourdough starters being ready where there are photos and some marvellous commentary, here’s the very short movie that actually shows sourdough starter being spooned from the bowl and dribbled into the water. Don’t coax it to float.  Spoon the refreshed sourdough starter up and dribble it in the glass of

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Can you make sourdough croissants?

Can you make croissants out of sourdough? The Weston A Price Foundation conference in London is coming up soon.  Some Bread Angels are getting together to deliver an “introduction to sourdough” workshop and this has inspired me to tackle some far out sourdough projects.  The answer to the question is:  Of course you can!  You

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Move over San Francisco sourdough – New Haven is here!

Make your own sourdough starter in just four days Making your own sourdough starter takes just four days.  I will repeat that:  it only takes four days to make a sourdough starter.  You have your sourdough starter forever and making your own starter just means you have a four day delay on home made bread

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