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Virtuous Bread is delighted that Recipes US found us!  That means we are doing our job and, through the website, making it fun and easy for people to make and find and learn about good bread.  Thanks everyone!    

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Can I make stollen out of sourdough? Of course you can!

Baking sourdough stollen Teaching baking at The Clink restaurant in High Down Prison is always a blast.  There are new things to see, do, and try every time.  We did a lot of Italian Baking this year.  We had the world premiere of the sourdough hot cross bun.  This month, we prepared (in addition to

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Simple recipe for sweet buns

What is is about buns?  Or, more precisely about bun dough?  Christmas bread, Easter bread, other festival, celebration, and holiday bread – it’s all more or less made of the same thing – bun dough. The English are particularly good at buns:  Chelsea buns, Sally Lunns, rock cakes, bath buns – it’s all going on

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