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Run a successful micro bakery today!

One of the big ideas when the global HQ of Virtuous Bread was established back in January 2010 was that we needed support to change the world though bread.  As much as we were willing, we knew we could not do it on our own.  My friend Pete suggested we gather a “bread army” together

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What is in your bag of bread?

Do you think about the bread that you eat?  Have you read the label?  Is there a label to read?  If not, is there someone at the shop with whom you can discuss your bread? These are serious questions.  Have a look at the ingredients in a bag of flour: You would be forgiven for

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Is wheat bad for me?

I despise bad science, simplistic argument, and attention grabbing headlines.  Truly I do.  And that is why I despise this article on wheat by the “Real Pharmacy”.  I know that the best way to loathe something is probably to NOT write about it, respond to it, or otherwise draw attention to it but it is

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