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What are the benefits of having a micro bakery

Why did I set up Virtuous Bread? I love baking bread – CHECK I am good at making bread, teaching baking, and running a business (by dint of the fact that I have customers and a business that is profitable) – CHECK I can get paid for baking bread and teaching others to bake bread

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The true meaning of success

This past week end I went to my high school reunion.  It was a BIG year and yet at the drinks reception there were only about 6 of us (maybe 10% of everyone who could have come) and at the lunch on Saturday I was the only one from my class.  People at the reunion

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The growth of the micro bakery in the UK

Micro businesses are an important segment of the business population in the UK.  They are technically defined as businesses with fewer than 10 employees and less than 2 million euros of turnover.  2 million euros?  I’ll take that (or half that or a tenth of that) and be running a business on whose profits I

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The Cake and Bake show – London 2013

The Cake and Bake show London was a fantastic success!  I don’t know how many people attended but it was packed for all three days and there was so much to see, do and learn. Jane gave a bun demonstration on the Saturday and the Sunday to sold out classrooms (thank you everyone for coming!).

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If you want good bread, go to the market

Everybody loves French Bread.  I have never known exactly why because after a day or two of bread in France I get utterly bored.  Yes, a good baguette is good (and a bad one is bad and most of them are bad, by the way…) but – REALLY – there is more to life than

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