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Recipe for delicious whole meal sourdough bread

Want to learn to bake sourdough bread? Come and take a sourdough baking course with us and learn how to start or perfect your sourdough bread baking! The UK edition of Home Made Sourdough will be published sometime this winter.  Look for it on Amazon!

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When is my sourdough starter ready?

Further to the post about sourdough starters being ready where there are photos and some marvellous commentary, here’s the very short movie that actually shows sourdough starter being spooned from the bowl and dribbled into the water. Don’t coax it to float.  Spoon the refreshed sourdough starter up and dribble it in the glass of

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How do I use my refreshed sourdough?

Further to the earlier post about using the float test to ensure your refreshed sourdough starter was ready for use, it’s time to talk about how much refreshed sourdough starter you actually use. We like to call this the “sour to flour” ratio. The answer is, as ever, simple and complicated and to a certain

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