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Satish Kumar on Baking and Breaking Bread

“Bread is sacred”, Satish Kumar says.  “It is a holy thing. And because it requires all four elements to make it, it is the macrocosm in microcosm.  Thich Nhat Hann describes it as the body of the cosmos, and I think that is very apt.  When I eat it I am very aware that I

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Baking bread and making berry jam = heaven

Even in the heart of London it is possible to feel a bit like you are living off the land.  Great ingredients are not too far away and, although I would find it a challenge to pick and grind my own grain for the bread, it is as easy as anything to pick fruit and

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Chickens, kittens and eggs in a fine cosmic balance

“Which chicken?” The characteristic I-swallowed-a-trombone-for-my-breakfast voice of Pete rumbled down the line. This was in response to the frantic “I killed a chicken and I am so sorry” message that I left earlier in the day. To be absolutely honest, that was not my message. My message went more like this: “Pete, it’s Jane here. 

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Confirmed by the BBC: Local is here to stay

A post has been brewing for the past few weeks and the broadcast of today’s On Your Farm (BBC Radio Four) tripped the creative switch.  The farmer being interviewed has been incredibly successful over the decades at spotting consumer trends and understanding what they mean for farmers.  He identified the trend for lean meat in

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What’s your purpose?

I just got back from spending the day with Dolly, Cecily, Joan, and 9 other elderly ladies at a charming residential care home in north London.  Ranging in age from their early 80s to 95 the ladies gathered together today to bake bread with me.  Some cannot stand, some cannot really interact with people any

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The morning after the day before

My friend and erstwhile baking student, Nicola, sent me this amazing photo today of her kitchen – the morning after the day before.  Although she thinks they might be inedible because she forgot to turn the heat down, we say “oh well, we do that every once in a while and although the crust may

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