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The easiest recipe for marmalade in the world

When my husband’s father died we bought a tree to commemorate his life.  Enrique wanted a fruit tree because his father had always provided for them and so we bought a kumquat tree and as the little fruits have ripened I have put them in the freezer, waiting until I had enough to make marmalade.

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Where do I buy heritage flour in the UK?

Up in Northumberland where the sky is big and the air is fresh, there is a business run by Andrew and Sybille Wilkinson that is dedicated to growing, milling, and transforming heritage grain into wonderful flour and delicious food.  The business is called Gilchesters Organics and a walk across the farm’s beautiful fields takes you

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Simply stupendous bread made with Gilchester’s flour

Gilchesters, if you don’t know it, is a small food company located in deepest, darkest Northumberland.  The Wilkinson family who owns and runs Gilchesters are farmers who became millers when they could not find anyone to mill their grain in just the way they wanted it.  And they were not being precious, they have very

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