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Simple recipe for sweet buns

What is is about buns?  Or, more precisely about bun dough?  Christmas bread, Easter bread, other festival, celebration, and holiday bread – it’s all more or less made of the same thing – bun dough. The English are particularly good at buns:  Chelsea buns, Sally Lunns, rock cakes, bath buns – it’s all going on

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Recipe for Stollen Success

Book now to learn to bake stollen in time for Christmas! Stollen is a celebration bread with roots in Dresden where it was first mentioned officially in the fifteenth century.  Like many types of celebration bread, stollen is enriched with delicious, expensive things to honour guests and celebrate religious holiday.  Of course there is no

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Easy to bake bread for a coffee morning

On Friday 30 September the MacMillan Cancer trust is sponsoring the world’s biggest coffee morning to raise money for cancer.  For those of you who LOVE sweets and cakes and HATE them at the same time, why not take some lovely bread and butter along to the coffee morning?  With jam, honey or even marmite

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Learn to bake bread in Belfast

A couple of weeks ago I went to Belfast for the very first time.  I went at the invitation of Lynne McClelland who loves bread and wanted to become a bread angel.  A couple of other lovely ladies had heard about Virtuous Bread and wanted to learn to bake sourdough.  So, we structured a couple

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