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Learn to bake Cream Buns – the Nordic Way!

I asked around for a recipe for Semlor –  the Swedish buns that are eaten on Shrove Tuesday to mark the beginning of Lent. They are rich, sweet bread rolls, spread with marzipan and then stuffed with cream and then crammed into waiting mouths (see below…).  In the true tradition of Shrove Tuesday cooking, Semlor

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Simple, hearty bread with oats for cold weather

The Eastern, or Atlantic provinces of Canada were settled by Scots and Irish looking for a brighter future.  They brought many of their customs and traditions from food to music – indeed there are still some gallic speaking communities in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  This bread most certainly has celtic origins.  If the oats

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Simple recipe for sweet buns

What is is about buns?  Or, more precisely about bun dough?  Christmas bread, Easter bread, other festival, celebration, and holiday bread – it’s all more or less made of the same thing – bun dough. The English are particularly good at buns:  Chelsea buns, Sally Lunns, rock cakes, bath buns – it’s all going on

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Recipe for Stollen Success

Book now to learn to bake stollen in time for Christmas! Stollen is a celebration bread with roots in Dresden where it was first mentioned officially in the fifteenth century.  Like many types of celebration bread, stollen is enriched with delicious, expensive things to honour guests and celebrate religious holiday.  Of course there is no

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Learn to bake bread rolls for a party!

Today is my friend Sue’s 70th birthday party and yes, she and her husband of 87 are catering it themselves.  There promises to be the most amazing feast of coronation chicken, cooked ham, poached salmon, salads, meringues, cream, strawberries and loads and loads of booze.  Not tea-total, not Sue and David! Click here for more

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Bread Recipes for Dinner Parties

Are you stuck for bread recipe ideas for dinner parties?  Virtuous Bread has bread making courses that will teach you how to bake these simple bread recipes that will impress your friends. Jabbering with my neighbour Jen (who is also one of my customers) is a good time to talk bread in its various forms. 

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