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Two days to go to the Great British Bake Off

I am no nearer remembering whether it’s the badger of the North, the fox of the midlands or the silver bear – anyone can help me?  In any case, the point is that I AM nearer (1 day nearer) to making my GBBO bread – ready for the launch of 2014 GBBO.  Bake along!  The

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How to Bake Bread

How do I know my bread is done? We get a lot of e mails from our wonderful students about the actual baking process which may not go exactly to plan when they get home. Here is a list of the top five concerns: 1.  How do I know the bread is done? 2.  Does

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Learn to bake bread and enrich your life in 2012

Wow, it’s 2012.  Time for new year’s resolutions, getting fit for the Olympics, gathering strength for the US elections and adapting to our continually changing world in which we are all locked into economic recession, the perplexing impact of technology, joblessness and increasing hopelessness among young people, and the usual nasties of war, famine, and

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Simple recipe for sweet buns

What is is about buns?  Or, more precisely about bun dough?  Christmas bread, Easter bread, other festival, celebration, and holiday bread – it’s all more or less made of the same thing – bun dough. The English are particularly good at buns:  Chelsea buns, Sally Lunns, rock cakes, bath buns – it’s all going on

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Recipe for Stollen Success

Book now to learn to bake stollen in time for Christmas! Stollen is a celebration bread with roots in Dresden where it was first mentioned officially in the fifteenth century.  Like many types of celebration bread, stollen is enriched with delicious, expensive things to honour guests and celebrate religious holiday.  Of course there is no

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