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Easy recipes for sourdough bread

Here at Virtuous Bread we have always been interested in making baking easy and accessible.  That is why our bread courses are so much fun and get such great reviews.  People leave our classes with LOADS of bread that they made themselves and they realise that it was both enjoyable and simple!  Our philosophy extends

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Micro bakers triumph at the World Bread Awards

We are delighted again that two of the Bread Angels in our community of micro bakers have won five awards between them at the World Bread Awards.  It’s brilliant and we are thrilled to have such talented bakers in our community of micro bakers. Juli Farkas was awarded prizes for her wholemeal sourdough loaf and her

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The simple and delicious no knead focaccia for lunch

Remember the famous no knead faux-caccia?  It’s making another appearance today for lunch.  Nothing to eat for lunch?  Or, maybe nothing particularly fun?  Got some flour, water, salt, yeast and a few vegetables in the fridge.  This one is yours!  Recipe here! Come and take a bread course with us so you can learn how

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Three days to go to the Great British Bake Off!

So….bread that takes three days to make?  NOT A PROBLEM!  With the 1857 sourdough it takes at least 3 days to make bread (it’s a plan in advance and sit around and wait sort of bread).  So, without further ado, day minus three to the GBBO: Refresh the 1857 sourdough: More interested in bread than

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Setting up a micro bakery means building up a community

Virtuous Bread helps people make and find and learn about good bread and in so doing to forge the link between bread and virtue.  The 3 years of operation have seen countless posts about bread, flour, milling and baking; bread baking recipes,  videos, and books; thoughtful speeches, challenges, and rants at events around the world;

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Is wheat bad for me?

I despise bad science, simplistic argument, and attention grabbing headlines.  Truly I do.  And that is why I despise this article on wheat by the “Real Pharmacy”.  I know that the best way to loathe something is probably to NOT write about it, respond to it, or otherwise draw attention to it but it is

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