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The mental heath benefits of baking bread

Baking bread is not for everyone all the time, but it is something we can all do some of the time. The fact that micro bakery businesses have been booming during the pandemic is proof that there is something about real bread. What has been even more striking, however, is that so many people have

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Why should I soak seeds and grains before I bake bread?

Soaking things in water before cooking and baking with them is an oddly important tradition for many people in many parts of the world.  Certainly, in Germany, where my mother is from, you would never get seeds or grains in bread that had not been soaked first.  I do know know why it is not

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Easy rye bread recipes

It’s fantastic that more and more people are becoming hip to rye bread.  Rye is tasty, good for you, provides a welcome alternative to wheat bread, and compliments certain food (smoked meat and fish, strong cheese) really well. The great thing is that baking with rye is really easy. There are a few characteristics of

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