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Life is too short for lent

We need excitement and beauty. During COVID, we fried doughnuts, ate pancakes, gobbled all the chocolate in the house and we learned that life is too short for giving up goodies. My thought? Take up walking 10,000 steps per day instead.

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Baking with Teen Camp at MLOVE 2011

The travelling bread oven loves to demonstrate the sense of wonder, enchantment and achievement that comes with baking bread.  Very little is more satisfying than teaching this to kids and teens.  There is a natural sense of achievement in seeing your dough double in size in the bowl and there is a huge sense of

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What is Italian 00 flour?

One of the questions I am frequently asked is, “what is 00 flour and how does it compare to English flour?”  This is swiftly followed by, “I am making focaccia/ciabatta/white bread out of the strong, stone ground English bread flour that you suggested I use and it is not turning into the Italian bread of

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Deep in the land of bread….

Deep in rural Bavaria there is a particular farm that has diversified into offering holidays, riding lessons, a local produce food store, a high end vegetarian restaurant (yes!  in Bavaria!) that offers cooking classes (vegetarian!  in Bavaria!) and a fantastic bakery/cafe. Through the glass, we watched the bread and cake bakers at work and, even

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The world premiere of Baking a Basic Loaf

  While Jane is in Germany spreading the Virtuous Bread word (and eating plenty of  pumpernickel bread), I’ve had the honours to write about our latest project. The wonderful Shedlight Productions have helped us put together a nifty video tutorial, which makes it even easier to learn how to make bread. If you’re already a

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Chickens, kittens and eggs in a fine cosmic balance

“Which chicken?” The characteristic I-swallowed-a-trombone-for-my-breakfast voice of Pete rumbled down the line. This was in response to the frantic “I killed a chicken and I am so sorry” message that I left earlier in the day. To be absolutely honest, that was not my message. My message went more like this: “Pete, it’s Jane here. 

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