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Learning to bake bread with Virtuous Bread

It seems incredible that 2011 is nearly over.  Yesterday I taught the final class of the calendar year – a dinner party bread class – and the class felt like a dinner party, it went by so quickly with lots of chat and banter, good food and drink, and general lively cheer.  If anyone doubts

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Simple recipe for sweet buns

What is is about buns?  Or, more precisely about bun dough?  Christmas bread, Easter bread, other festival, celebration, and holiday bread – it’s all more or less made of the same thing – bun dough. The English are particularly good at buns:  Chelsea buns, Sally Lunns, rock cakes, bath buns – it’s all going on

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Learn to bake bread rolls for a party!

Today is my friend Sue’s 70th birthday party and yes, she and her husband of 87 are catering it themselves.  There promises to be the most amazing feast of coronation chicken, cooked ham, poached salmon, salads, meringues, cream, strawberries and loads and loads of booze.  Not tea-total, not Sue and David! Click here for more

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Baking with Teen Camp at MLOVE 2011

The travelling bread oven loves to demonstrate the sense of wonder, enchantment and achievement that comes with baking bread.  Very little is more satisfying than teaching this to kids and teens.  There is a natural sense of achievement in seeing your dough double in size in the bowl and there is a huge sense of

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The world premiere of Baking a Basic Loaf

  While Jane is in Germany spreading the Virtuous Bread word (and eating plenty of  pumpernickel bread), I’ve had the honours to write about our latest project. The wonderful Shedlight Productions have helped us put together a nifty video tutorial, which makes it even easier to learn how to make bread. If you’re already a

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