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Making sourdough crackers at the Masai Mara in Kenya!

Last year I had a lovely student named Tricia come to the sourdough class.  She wanted to learn sourdough because she lives for half the year on the edge of the Masai Mara and cannot  get good bread.  Nor can she always get yeast.  Nor is the electricity supply necessarily reliable.  The answer?  Sourdough! Tricia

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Learn to bake bread and enrich your life in 2012

Wow, it’s 2012.  Time for new year’s resolutions, getting fit for the Olympics, gathering strength for the US elections and adapting to our continually changing world in which we are all locked into economic recession, the perplexing impact of technology, joblessness and increasing hopelessness among young people, and the usual nasties of war, famine, and

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Learning to bake bread with Virtuous Bread

It seems incredible that 2011 is nearly over.  Yesterday I taught the final class of the calendar year – a dinner party bread class – and the class felt like a dinner party, it went by so quickly with lots of chat and banter, good food and drink, and general lively cheer.  If anyone doubts

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How to make German Christmas bread – Stollen

My friend Jules spent many years kind of ignoring the fact that she is German.  Educated in the UK and a following a career path that took her from St Louis to South Africa, when I first visited her in Hamburg she swore that there were no German restaurants in the city.  Then she thought

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