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Lovely review of All You Knead Is Bread

A Canadian nutritioninst, food blogger and cook book reviewer, Sarah Reid, has written a wonderful, thoughtful, and very well tested review of All You Knead Is Bread.  Here it is,the first bit – and please click to the rest –  enjoy! “There are few things that embody the heart and spirit of the creator more

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Thanks to Cooking with Books for such a wonderful review

Marnely Rodriguez-Murray is a Dominican-Republic-born, Martha’s-Vineyard-living chef and food writer with an excellent blog and a deservedly large following.  I discovered her in the Twittersphere when she wrote some really kind things about All You Knead Is Bread on her blog Cooking with Books. Of course I want to share them here but more importantly

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The four different forms of yeast and how to use them

What is the difference between instant yeast and dry yeast?  How can I substitute for fresh yeast when I cannot get any?  How do I use a sourdough starter in a recipe that calls for yeast?  Recently I have had a lot of questions about yeast so it was about time to write a little

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What is scalded flour and why use scalded flour

In my research for my new book, The Book of Buns, I have discovered an amazing fact.  Scalding flour before adding it to bread dough is not a technique limited to Scandinavia.  In fact, is used all over Asia to make buns!  Yes!  Many of the recipes for the buns I have been eating for

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First review of All You Knead Is Bread

All You Knead is Bread is available on Amazon now.  Although it is not officially published, it is being sent out which is marvelous. Here is a review of the book by a lady called Jackie and it makes me very proud: “Book arrived yesterday. WOW it looks fantastic and reads fantastically, too. The photos

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