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A bread recipe to support people trapped by the US ban

This was the first in a series of recipes for Banned Buns developed when Donald Trump banned certain people, even American people, from entering the USA. Not being American or even in the US on holiday, there was nothing I could do except protest in print and send thoughts and sympathy to people who have

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Why should I soak seeds and grains before I bake bread?

Soaking things in water before cooking and baking with them is an oddly important tradition for many people in many parts of the world.  Certainly, in Germany, where my mother is from, you would never get seeds or grains in bread that had not been soaked first.  I do know know why it is not

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Easy recipe for bread with plantain

According to Wikipedia, plantains have a similar taste to potatoes.  I am not sure that is true (in fact I am sure it’s NOT true) but what is true is that they are eaten, in the tropics, the same way we northerners eat potatoes:  fried, like crisps or chips, mashed, roasted…they are the starch of

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Bread and Spread – the new book by Jane Mason

Since publishing All You Knead Is Bread and The Book of Buns, I have been busy in the food writing world!  November 2014 saw the publication of Mexico – The Cookbook for which I was the contributing editor, perfecting my Mexican cookery skills along the way.  May 2015 sees the publication of Homemade Sourdough.  So,

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What is a Rosca de Rayes and how do you make it?

Rosca de  Reyes is bread that Mexicans bake and eat to celebrate epiphany.  All over the world, Epiphany is celebrated with special bread – enriched with butter, eggs, or milk; packed with dried fruit; or enhanced with spices – or all of the above!  The Mexican version is a very rich bread, flavoured with orange

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Easy Recipe for Irish Soda Bread

Soda bread is classic Irish bread.  This simple recipe for soda bread is ready in 30 minutes and is perfect for when you do not have a lot of time, when you have run out of bread or when unexpected guests show up for lunch!  Delicious and satisfying, it compliments any meal with its simple elegance.

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