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Hot Crossed Buns
Even if it is once a year, banish those store bought buns and turn your hand to baking some. Easter is a long weekend and it could rain or even snow. So, take your time and get baking! 
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Pan de Muerto – Bread for Day of the Dead
Baked once a year, this bread has "bones" and a "skull" on the top made of dough. It is particularly delicious with coffee or hot chocolate.
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Irish soda bread
The keys to making delicious soda bread are simple. Use full-fat milk, don’t knead, keep a bowl of water handy, and get your oven up to temperature first.
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Soda bread
No knead pizza dough
You don’t have to be able to toss pizza dough around over your head to make a great pizza (although it is fun to try). With a rolling pin and some dedication, you can make a thin crust that is all the more delicious because of the effort you put in!
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Oatmeal Bread
Like most “poor people’s food” this is delicious and nutritious: simple, hearty, satisfying…a real “stick to your ribs” bread; perfect for a long day at sea.
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Rye Bread
Rye has a bad reputation. People think is is heavy and dense, “brick like” and black. Well, it need not be any of those things. It can be very light and almost airy in texture and it certainly does not need to be black. s:
Rye bread
San Francisco Sourdough
Everyone wants to bake San Francisco sourdough – they want the challenge, they want the flavour, they want the texture and most of all, they want the HOLES!
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This amazing recipe makes 4 stollens, all about 800 grams – enough for the winter! I do not use marzipan in my stollen, but plenty of people do. Marzipan is optional.
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