16 Replies to “A short and beautiful film about bread’s role in our lives”

  1. Wonderful film Jane – truly inspirational…. time to start baking with my children! Wishing you continued success.

  2. Wonderful film Jane! So very you! I even recognize some of those “past” pictures! Brilliantly explains your vision.

  3. So, This is what you’ve been up to…it must have been all those candles you lit all over the globe. Wonderful , intimate, sincere and …well JANE. Thank you, we want to know more.

  4. Good on ‘ya Jane…the bread of Life. Lovely to actually see and hear you, and you sound like you’ve found ‘The Answer.’
    Great little film!

  5. Thanks for taking the effort, thought and time to produce your manifesto film.
    I stumbled on your site. Yay!
    The film was beautiful. A reflection.
    I will join with gratitude and hopes to increase my knowledge of all things bread.

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