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Many people love to bake, and they dream of setting up a baking business.  It’s hard, sometimes, to turn your dreams into reality.  There are doubts to overcome such as, “will my bread be good enough?”, “I know nothing about business.”, or “How on earth do I find customers?”  Everyone has at least one of these doubts – it’s normal!  Through the Bread Angels’ Micro Bakery Course, we will help you overcome your doubts and get started on your new business venture.

Bread's the business in The Sunday Times
Bread’s the business in The Sunday Times

Recently, The Times, had a feature on microbakers (and some not so microbakers), how they got started, and what they do now.  Featured on the front page is Lucie Steele who set up Birch Cottage Bakery five years ago after completing our Micro Bakery course.  Lucie has gone from strength to strength, from giving away bread in the queue at school, to delivering to neighbours and friends, to selling at markets and at the very posh Pierrepoints cafe/deli near her.  She expanded her bakery from the kitchen to a sea container in the garden and then she expanded again, setting up Birch Bread on the high street in Pangbourne, in the UK.  From there she bakes wonderful products and teaches a range of bread courses.

The Times business section reports on the rise of the business of bread
The Times business section reports on the rise of the business of bread

What does it take to run a successful micro bakery?  You need to know how to bake bread.  You also need to know the basics of sales and marketing (both in the real world and in the important world of social media). You also need to know the basics of the administration and logistics of running a little company – from food safety to basic bookkeeping. The learning never stops! Every day that you run your business you learn a little more and you face new challenges and questions.

Our Micro Bakery course is the one course that covers all three areas to help you set up your business for long term success:

1.  Our course is run over a minimum of 2 or a maximum of 3 days.  This gives you time to reflect on what you are learning, maybe do a bit of practice and/or research and come back again to discuss your new questions.  This is REALLY important and helpful because there is a lot to take in when you first start and we have learned the hard way that doing everything in one day is simply not effective.  Far better to do the course over 2 or 3 days to let it all soak in.

2.  Our courses are run in home kitchens – just like yours.  We understand the challenges of turning out bread in a domestic environment with limited equipment and a domestic oven.  You can do it!  You just need to learn how to manage with what you have got.  We know how to do that because that is what we do.

3.  All of the trainers are micro bakers who have completed the Bread Angels Micro Bakery course, have started and expanded their businesses, and who have a great deal of expertise teaching.  Many are award winning bakers.  All are dedicated, caring, professionals who genuinely want you to succeed.

4.  We provide aftercare. As much as you need.  You can contact your tutor, your classmates, or any other Bread Angel.  That is because we are the only NETWORK of microbakers in the UK.  With our own website, our own private facebook page where you can ask any question of anybody any time, regular reunions, and ongoing training we are committed to helping each other succeed.  We are together in this!

5.  We provide sales and marketing support.  With a dedicated budget for sales and marketing support, all active Bread Angels receive regular updates, exposure in social media sites, press opportunities, discounts on kit and ingredients, and more.

We are like minded, going into the bread business because we want to run our own businesses, bake excellent bread, build our local communities, and have personal relationships with our students, creating an environment in which everyone feels cared for physically, emotionally, and socially.  We care, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Click here to book the Micro Bakery course today.  Not ready for that just yet?  Click here to book a bread course.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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