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Peter Voshol Chemist, Bread Angel, Baker

So….who is Peter Voshal really: “I started to bake Sourdough breads for fun and hobby. I received a ‘Andrew Whitley’ starter from a friend in Scotland in August 2010 and after my return home I started to experiment. Being a lab-based scientist I am not afraid to trial and error so my bakers’ path was

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Open Letter to Jay Rayner, Observer Food Monthly

Dear Mr Rayner I read your articles with interest and pleasure and am delighted that you have such a profound influence on the eating habits and dining cultures of fellow readers around the world.  I was disappointed, however to read your article in Observer Food Monthly on 17 June 2012.  Whilst I am sorry to

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A real baker bakes real bread – however they learn

I was interested to read an interview with Michael Hanson from The Brook Bakery School  in the most recent edition of True Loaf, Issue 11 (April-June 2012) pp 13, the newsletter of the Real Bread Campaign.  In the interview he states: “Though it is pleasing to see so many people wanting to help others to

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What is in your bag of flour (part one)….

What is flour?  Flour is ground up grain, right? You may be shocked to learn that this is not necessarily fully so.  On a recent trip to Canada I took the time to read the ingredients on the back of a flour bag.  It is a national brand, an institution, in fact, called Robin Hood. 

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