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What are the benefits of having a micro bakery

Why did I set up Virtuous Bread? I love baking bread – CHECK I am good at making bread, teaching baking, and running a business (by dint of the fact that I have customers and a business that is profitable) – CHECK I can get paid for baking bread and teaching others to bake bread

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The keys to living a long and healthy life

Baking and sharing bread are two of the keys to living a long and healthy life… 10 years ago, National Geographic magazine, Dan Buettner, and a group of demographers began a search for the keys to a long and healthy life.  They identified five “blue zones” – places in the world where people live to 100 years of

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There are many benefits to becoming a microbaker…

…and in the end, they are all personal. Recently, Gaye taught the microbakery course to three lovely people.  This means that there are three new microbakers in the UK delivering excellent bread to people and businesses in their local communities.  Three new Bread Angels. People do the microbakery course for lots of different reasons:  to teach,

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The growth of the micro bakery in the UK

Micro businesses are an important segment of the business population in the UK.  They are technically defined as businesses with fewer than 10 employees and less than 2 million euros of turnover.  2 million euros?  I’ll take that (or half that or a tenth of that) and be running a business on whose profits I

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Sharing bread at the Women on the Move awards ceremony

A couple of weeks ago saw a celebration of Women on the Move in London.  Women on the Move is an organisation that champions refugee and immigrant women and the awards ceremony is an important event in their calender.  Liz, from Just Bread,  contacted them to see if the women on the Just Bread baking

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Helping refugee women through bread

Just Bread’s objective is to help refugees develop economic autonomy so they can make a positive contribution to the UK more quickly. Click below to help us buy a new oven – our current oven is small and, frankly, a bit rubbish for bread.   Click below to help us pay the amazing Bread Angel

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