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Baking in prison

For years, Virtuous Bread and the Bread Angels have been working with prisoners at The Clink restaurant in Highdown prison.  It is some of the most fun work that we do:  always a challenge, always having to roll with whatever the schedule is that day and how it changes during the day, always putting dough

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Generous coffee from the Monmouth Coffee Company

Surprise! This is actually a post about corporate generosity which is not a simple topic. The existential question is whether you can be generous to everyone: suppliers, customers, staff, senior leadership, owners, the planet…the list is a long one and I think it’s impossible to be generous to all of those groups. The tradeoffs are

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The mental heath benefits of baking bread

Baking bread is not for everyone all the time, but it is something we can all do some of the time. The fact that micro bakery businesses have been booming during the pandemic is proof that there is something about real bread. What has been even more striking, however, is that so many people have

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Improve your mental health by baking bread

We are beginning to prove conclusively that baking bread, at least in part by hand, has a positive impact on mental health.  Without scientific evidence, we at the global HQ of Virtuous Bread, the Bread Angels, and the thousands of people we have taught to bake bread over the years can give anecdotal evidence to

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What is Bread Angels?

In 2010, realising I could not change the world alone, I developed and taught the first microbakery course.  I designed the course to help budding entrepreneurs, set up their own bread businesses, and structured it along three main content areas: bread, sales and marketing, and admin and logistics. Hundreds of people have now completed the

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Baking bread with prisoners at The Clink

Over the years Virtuous Bread and the Bread Angels have been baking bread with prisoners.  It all started about four years ago in The Clink restaurant in a prison in Highdown prison in Sutton, Surrey.  We are still active there and Bread Angel Gaye Whitwam has taken over from me to teach sourdough baking to

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What is in your bag of bread?

Do you think about the bread that you eat?  Have you read the label?  Is there a label to read?  If not, is there someone at the shop with whom you can discuss your bread? These are serious questions.  Have a look at the ingredients in a bag of flour: You would be forgiven for

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Success is about being remarkable – and we are

Dear Mr Godin You wrote a book called Purple Cow which is great and which says among other things if you want to have a remarkable company you have to have a great product that people want to buy and recommend and so the greatness of your product spreads by word of mouth. I know

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Community building through bread

Virtuous Bread was established was to effect positive social change through bread.  Over the years many of the Bread Angels who have done the micro bakery course with Virtuous Bread have gone on to forge businesses as well as build communities through bread.  Working at schools, in prisons, and with old people, homeless people and

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