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Generous coffee from the Monmouth Coffee Company

Surprise! This is actually a post about corporate generosity which is not a simple topic. The existential question is whether you can be generous to everyone: suppliers, customers, staff, senior leadership, owners, the planet…the list is a long one and I think it’s impossible to be generous to all of those groups. The tradeoffs are

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Down the rabbit hole of the digital native.

I wrote and delivered this speech to the students of my critical reasoning class at the Tec de Monterrey in December 2021. “Having lived a decade in Mexico, I have seen many changes.  In my experience, when it comes to big, global trends, Mexico lags the rest of North America and Europe by a few

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On going training is the best way to learn

My bakery training did not take place at college.  This is a well known fact about me and it is partly what enables me to be a great baker and a great teacher.  I have seen a lot and I have been trained by great bakers all over the world.   From Cambodia and Canada,

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Of lack and longing

Many people focus on what they don’t have.   You may know them: everything about what they say and what they do reinforces how their life is incomplete.  In general, they speak one of two languages:  the language of longing or the language of lack.   The language of longing has about it a kind

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The Easy Entrepreneur Tip One: Anyone can do it

Do you want to set up your own business?  Here is the thing:  you can.  Anyone can.  Housewives and stay at home dads, carers, retired people, school children, people looking to change career or start a career or learn a bit extra:  men and women of any age can set up a business.  You do

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Capitalism and Consumerism – the Saviours of our Age

Greenbelt invited me to speak at the festival this year and, if you have never been nor heard about it, you won’t know what an honour that is.  Greenbelt is huge – about 20,000 people attend for a four day festival of music, craft, debate and Christian fellowship of all colours.  I am not a

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