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Khubz Mahala

This was the first in a series of recipes for Banned Buns developed when Donald Trump banned certain people, even American people, from entering the USA. Not being American or even in the US on holiday, there was nothing I could do except protest in print and send thoughts and sympathy to people who have

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brown powder

Sourdough chocolate buns

To take our full-day sourdough course Learn more than you can possibly imagine in a small class where you can ask a lot of questions, eat a lot of bread and have plenty of your own to take home.

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red tomatoes on brown wooden table

Pizza Bread

Want to learn more?  Come and taking a baking class with us and you will learn loads, eat loads, and have loads of bread to take home.  If you have always dreamed of making bread your business, come and take the microbakery course and join the Bread Angels as they continue to change the world

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melted cheese on top of cooked ham

Sourdough English muffins

Interested to try more?  Scroll back to see other recipes from the new, UK edition of Home Made Sourdough.  Book a bread baking class if you would like some expert tuition – it’s super fun and you will be baking like a pro in no time.

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Rye & Wheat Sourdough

Another great recipe from the all-new, re-written Home Made Sourdough (UK edition) that comes out sometime soon!  Click here if you need to learn more about making and using a rye starter before you begin.

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