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Three days to go to the Great British Bake Off!

So….bread that takes three days to make?  NOT A PROBLEM!  With the 1857 sourdough it takes at least 3 days to make bread (it’s a plan in advance and sit around and wait sort of bread).  So, without further ado, day minus three to the GBBO: Refresh the 1857 sourdough: More interested in bread than

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Easy and delicious pizzas from Alpine Germany!

The dough is typically made out of just about any flour – probably a mixture of whole or white wheat or spelt with maybe some rye thrown in for good measure.  They are rolled roughly and topped with various simple things like qwark (a kind of soft cheese – you can substitute feta that you

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Uruguay Bites

Sorry!  Had to be done….  Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado I bring you Vigilantes:  buns from Uruguay!  These little two-bite parcels of joy are reportedly the snack of choice for Uruguayan policemen.  Bake them and then you and your world cup guests can practice your biting skills while you watch Uruguay play again on Saturday. Want

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Even easier recipe for delicious hamburger buns

Further to a previous post on making the perfect bun, I have had some feed back that some people are having trouble keeping their buns flat enough.  Part of that is fear:  you really can squish your dough balls flat before you pop them in the oven.  They will recover! However, if it’s really concerning

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