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Thursday 11 November 2010: 8/10

Spending armistace day in a Sikh temple participating in a conference about the Sikhs’ contribution to the armed forces was an amazing experience of humanity, generosity, and abundant food.

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9 and 10 November: On balance a 7/10

Grrr.  I don’t know why I am grumpy.  The slump from Monday continues.  I could blame the ever-handy weather for that.  It feels like there is a gale blowing in my flat.  The windows are rattling, the draft is seeping in (pouring in?) through the garden doors and it is pitch black at precisely 5

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Monday 8 November 2010: 7/10 day

A lack of activity on my side somewhat diminished the achievements of the day and thus the score versus Friday. It was a good day today, don’t get me wrong.  I started the day by making a sourdough predough with my 1857 sourdough.  I am rather obsessively testing, measuring, testing and measuring in preparation for

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Another 8/10 day: firm dates and friendships

4 November 2010 score:  8/10 Today, like yesterday, was a great day.  I love it when a plan comes together. Not that I am a big planner, mind you, but I do have goals and I like to achieve them.  One of’s goals is to teach baking with groups of kids in schools, hospitals,

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