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Of lack and longing

Many people focus on what they don’t have.   You may know them: everything about what they say and what they do reinforces how their life is incomplete.  In general, they speak one of two languages:  the language of longing or the language of lack.   The language of longing has about it a kind

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The true meaning of success

This past week end I went to my high school reunion.  It was a BIG year and yet at the drinks reception there were only about 6 of us (maybe 10% of everyone who could have come) and at the lunch on Saturday I was the only one from my class.  People at the reunion

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Reflections on the first years of Virtuous Bread

Easter Monday 2010 – Stockholm, Sweden “You are going to do what?” I was spending Easter with my friend Kat.  It had been a difficult few months.  A profoundly disappointing client engagement led me to want a break from strategy consulting and I had been baking obsessively, building my bread business and trying to decide

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