Beautiful beetroot dip

Beautiful Beetroot Dip

Jane Mason
Beetroots are plentiful at any time of year and have the benefit of being inexpensive to buy and very easy to grow – even in pots!  
This spread is bright with that fantastic purple beetroot colour and uses one of my favourite herbs of all time:  tarragon.  There are various types of tarragon (you can read about them here) so just use the one you can get and if you find it does not have a lot of flavour, use a different one next time.  
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Unknown


  • Pressure cooker if possible and food processor if possible


  • 300 g Fresh beets – measured without the greens Cooked, and peeled
  • 150 g Very thick sour cream
  • 30 g Horseradish sauce or 1 tsp grated fresh horseradish
  • 30 g Tarragon leaves cut finely
  • 30 g Cornichons (or dill pickles) finely cubed
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Trim the stalks to about 1 cm above the beet. Place them in cold water and bring to the boil You will need to simmer them for 60 minutes for a large and 30 minutes for small beets. If you do this in a pressure cooker it halves the cooking time.
  • Let them cool and then remove them from the water (in the sink) and slip the skins off with your hands. You may need a little knife to help with this. Remove the top and the tail.
  • Chop roughly and put about 2/3 in a food processor. Cut up the remaining 1/3 into small pieces and set it aside, this gives texture to your dip.
  • Add the rest of the ingredients and pulse until the spread is completely smooth. Taste it and adjust for salt and pepper
  • Scrape the pate into an attractive bowl, add the chopped beets and cover the bowl. Let it cool completely and then pop it in the fridge until you are ready for it. Serve with crackers or crispbread.


Although shown with plain old store bought crackers (you don’t HAVE to make the bread) this spread goes perfectly with rye bread, both on its own and as a “schmear” between the bread and, for example, smoked trout or salmon.
Keyword 5 ingredients or fewer, Beetroot, Dip, Wheat

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