A Bread Angel sets up her high street deli and bakery!

Bread Angel Laura Cheatle and her husband realised their dream of owning their own food business in 2017!  Welcome to the world –  the Pig and Pepper Deli in Buxton….

Before taking the microbakery course with Bread Angels, Laura had a successful career in social housing policy/ strategy in London.  After 10 years she wanted to find a better balance in her life and wanted to see if she could earn a living doing something personally fulfilling in the food industry. She did a summer school at the School of Artisan Food and really enjoyed the bread parts of it.  She started baking at home and began to experiment with the techniques she had learned – giving life to the Croissage Roll which has now been trademarked as her very own invention!

Last year, she saw an article in the Waitrose magazine about Bread Angels and booked the microbakery course.  Living in London, going though a redundancy process, with a great new job lined up, she suddenly had a revelation that bread would be her new job!  She and her husband left london, moved up to Buxton in the Peak District, and opened a cafe in a new indoor market.

It was great experience and they really got to know people, and understand the local market better.  In order to serve that market and exercise their creativity, they decided to call a halt on the cafe and open up a deli instead!  Since December 2017, it’s been all hands on deck. They focus on bread – sourdough, bagels, rolls, croissants and focaccia – and have a range of carefully selected deli items too

Now her husband is baking too and they have added bread classes to the business.  Lucky, lucky people of Buxton!  We are thrilled and proud that Laura is a Bread Angel!

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