Bread Angels get together for a reunion

Earlier this year Bread Angels got together for a reunion.  This is something we try to do at least once a year.  We bake bread, discuss bread, eat bread and meet new angels whom we have not yet met.

Bread Angels Reunion small-05
Ooo! It’s you! Hello!

This year the BAs compared different recipes for ciabatta.  There is no one recipe for ciabatta and everyone has their favourite. The amount of biga, the hydration, the shaping method – they all create huge variation in the final product.

Bread Angels Reunion small-08
One way of shaping ciabatta

I have tested so many recipes and have my favourite, recorded here on the occasion of the great ciabatta bake off.

Bread Angels Reunion small-07
Carrying a tray of ciabatta dough

Gaye’s favourite is adapted from a recipe from Wayne Caddy (you have to know him to get the recipe – lucky Gaye!)

Bread Angels Reunion small-04
A lot of eating goes on…

Most of the time, though, we eat bread and talk about bread.

Bread Angels Reunion small-03
Now THAT’S interesting, how did you do that?

We look at bread, compare bread, and swap recipes and techniques.

Bread Angels Reunion small-02

It’s a wonderful community and one of the perks of being a micro baker in our Bread Angels network.  Supportive, generous, kind and like minded.  What a splendid community and what a huge contribution to the world of real bread.  They are all WONDERFUL bakers, teachers, and all round people.  Click here to take the microbakery course and join our community today.

Bread Angels Reunion small-10
What a lovely host of Bread Angels
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