Bread and relationships

What is the MLOVE ConFestival?

Every spring, a castle outside of Munich holds a conference for the global mobile industry.  It is called the MLOVE ConFestival.  Part conference (famous speakers, challenging questions, working together to create the future of the industry), part festival (dinners, raves, swimming in wells – don’t ask) the MLOVE Con-Festival is not an event to miss if you are anyone who is anyone who is interested in the future of mobile.  Speakers ranged from a global rap star to university professors, from boffins to writers, to “futureologists” to me.

Harald Neidhardt kindly invited me to deliver the Keynote speech to the assembled crowd, asking me to challenge their thinking and deliver something totally unexpected to challenge their world view, their mindset, and their thought patterns – to prepare them for thinking and behaving differently over the three days of the Con-Festival.  Dressed in my chef’s whites, armed with flour, water, salt, and yeast, crowd sourcing a baking assistant, backed with a beautiful film, made by Jack Barker, about what is important in life, and using bread as a metaphor for everything that could be beautiful and wonderful about humanity, I spoke about building positive connections, addressed the fact that meaningful relationships require hard work, and illustrated that our choices – for good or for ill – inform who we are and how the world will be.

MLOVE 2011, Jane Mason Keynote from on Vimeo.

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