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Jane Mason was interviewed by British Baker magazine about the role of women in the bakery industry in the UK.

Jane Mason, is featured in Clearly So’s magazine celebrating Real Bread Week.

Jane and a student share a special bread moment

All That I’m Eating features Jane Mason‘s book Perfecting Sourdough as part of her February kitchen.  Thank you!

The Sunday Times reports on the rise of the artisan bakery in the Business section on 1 January 2017.  Featuring bakers including Jane Mason.


The Washington Post (June 15 2016) mentions Virtuous Bread as a great source for information on scalded rye bread.

wash post

Waitrose Week End Magazine features many bakers including Jane Mason in an article about micro bakeries.  


The Telegraph on Sunday features Jane Mason in an article about baking sourdough bread.  


Great British Chefs interviews Jane Mason about sourdough baking and her new book, Perfecting Sourdough


Woman magazine features Jane Mason finding happiness in Virtuous Bread.  September 23, 2014.

Find happiness at any age!

The Wharf newspaper features Jane Mason’s switch from strategy consultant to baker and social entrepreneur.  14 August 2014.

the wharf

In Hello Magazine, Virtuous Bread was voted one of the top 20 things to do for a hen party!  Get baking girls!!!!!

A fun day with the hen, baking bread and having a meal with your mates!

On the Bakery Bits Blog (11 April 2014) Jane Mason talks to Vanessa Kimble about writing The Book of Buns, baking and the desire to change the world through bread.

Jane Mason talks to Vanessa Kimble at Bakery Bits

In Desang magazine (Issue 45, March 14 2014), Jane Mason talks about the health benefits of good bread in moderation for everyone including diabetics and receives a lovely review of her book, The Book of Buns

Desang Magazine, an excellent resource for Diabetics

On BBC Radio 4 The Food Programme (23 and 24 March 2014) and you can listen again for a year, Jane Mason is interviewed about the rise in micro bakeries:

Virtuous Bread and others discuss the rise of microbakeries in the UK with Sheila Dillon
Virtuous Bread and others discuss the rise of microbakeries in the UK with Sheila Dillon

In the Christian Science Monitor, Feb 22, 2014 John Bare writes about how Virtuous Bread teaches people to bake, and build a career.


American publication Food Tank writes about Virtuous Bread and its successful use of bread as a catalyst for social change (16/02/14):

Virtuous Bread is successfully using bread as a catalyst for social change.

Virtuous Bread’s bread courses and gift vouchers are listed as a top ten holiday gift for the cook in your life in Metro Newspaper UK. 

Top 10 holiday gift?  Bread course with us!

Virtuous Bread is featured in the Real Bread Campaign’s major research paper on the therapeutic aspects of baking real bread, Rising Up.

Rising Up - a major new publication from The Real Bread Campaign

The Independent on Sunday talked to Jane Mason about the rise of artisan baking and the changing nature of bread in the UK.

Changes in the UK bread world - article in the Independent on Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Soil Association talked to Jane Mason about the importance of good bread and how attitudes in the UK are changing as regards the consumption of wholesome food to build health and communities.

The Shropshire review is encouraging their readers to bake real bread and featured All You Knead Is Bread’s recipe for basic bread to help them out a bit!

Learn to bake bread in London with Jane Mason from Virtuous Bread
Baking real bread is easy!

The Telegraph Magazine features my recipe for Irish Soda Farls to help everyone prepare (and recover) from St Patrick’s day (17 March 2012)!

learn to bake bread London, bread courses London

Jane Mason is interviewed in Red Magazine one year on from winning a Red Magazine award.

Jane Mason is interviewed in Red Magazine one year on from winning a Red Magazine award. 

Virtuous Bread voted as of the top three baking courses in London!  Article in The Telegraph, 8 September 2012.

Learn how to bake bread with Jane Mason.  Article in Country File, April 2012

Jane Mason discusses leaving a career in finance to set up a social enterprise with Easy Living magazine.  April 2012.

Jane Mason is interviewed by Good Housekeeping Magazine about setting up Virtuous Bread.  March 2012.

Jane Mason becomes a Red Hot Woman, winning the Food Breakthrough Award in the Red Magazine’s Red Hot Women Awards, 2011.  Red Magazine, January 2012 edition, p 70.

Click here to read the interview between Suzanna Hunter from EP Magazine and Virtuous Bread.  Suzanna Hunter, EP Magazine, pp 48-49

Bread as a social enterprise

Interview with Olena Gnes for a news report about the Chorleywood bread process for Inter TV – The main Ukrainian news station

Virtuous Bread interviewed in a programme about the negative side of the Chorleywood Bread Process

Interview about making the switch from banker to baker in Manager Magazine, the top management publication in Slovenia

Jane Mason interviewed in Management Magazine, the top Slovenian Management Magazine about work life balance and career change

Virtuous Bread, Breaking Bread Together,” Interview with Sarah Lyon, North Norfolk Living Magazine, Early Summer 2011

Jane Mason is earning her bread…and butter“, Nick Curtis, London Evening Standard, 12 May, 2011

All you knead is love!“, Lydia Slater, in You Magazine, 1 May 2011, pp 37-38.

Use your loaf (tin) if you want to eat home-baked healthy food“, Denise M. Semple, Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle, 22 April 2011

“Eco Hero – The Bread Evangelist”, Jini Reddy, Telegraph Magazine, 26 March 2011, p 87.

To see a PDF version click here Mail0008

Result of the BBC/TCMG bake off from Fergus’ perspective: on BBC Countryfile on line

“Baking Bread by Hand Captures all the Virtues of Pure Craft”, Jane Mason, Resurgence Magazine, October/November 2010.

Use Your Loaf“, Lydia Slater, Daily Mail, 26 January 2010

“Why You Should Have Your Daily Bread”, Peta Bee, Times, 25 January 2010.

“Change Your Life, Live More Sustainably.  Make do and mend”,  Countryfile Magazine, February 2011, p 68

Happiness is a Warm Loaf“, Jini Reddy,  Independent, 27 January 2011.

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