Home made croutons

Home made, herby croutons

This simple recipes makes wonderful home made croutons in moments. It's a great way to use up going-stale bread, and add plants to your diet.


  • 1 loaf Good quality bread
  • 2 tbsp Dry, mixed herbs
  • 1 pinch Salt, to taste
  • 4 tbsp Olive oil


  • Slice the bread into slices about 1 cm thick (if it's not already in slices) and cut the crusts off. Lay it on the counter for a few hours to dry out a bit more. Slice it into small cubes and pop it in a big bowl.
  • Add the herbs and the salt and the dribble over the olive oil. Mix well with your hands.
  • Heat a big frying pan or wok on medium heat. Add the bread and stir it around until it gets all toasty and crispy.
  • Tip it out onto a tray that you have lined with paper towel. The croutons cool completely. Store them in an air tight container where they will last for a few weeks.
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