Our Sourdough Bread Course

Our sourdough bread courses take place over one full day and are brilliant for both beginners and experienced bakers alike.  During the course we will bake many different kinds of bread as well as learn the "science" behind making, storing, and using sourdough starters.  Our aim is to enable you to leave with an instinctive understanding of how to bake sourdough bread so that you can do it again, easily, at home.

This is not a demonstration:  These are hands-on bread baking courses in which you will do the work yourself, so come prepared to get sticky and floury. Naturally, you will have plenty of bread to take home.

Classes are small:  You will get a great deal of individual attention and there is plenty of time and space to ask questions.

Come hungry:  Light meals and snacks are served.

How to book

Click here to search by date or class type and find a class that suits you.  Click here to look for a trainer by location.

Gorgeous - swirly top of a loaf of sourdough bread from the sourdough bread course.

Gorgeous - swirly top of a loaf of sourdough bread from the sourdough bread course.



17 Responses to “Our Sourdough Bread Course”

  1. Margot Redwood

    02. Feb, 2011

    Do you run sourdough courses at the weekend? Thanks.

  2. Jo Gourlay

    12. Apr, 2011

    Where are courses held and what is the cost, please - or is it on site and I just can't see it?!

  3. Eileen Franklin

    01. May, 2011

    I live in Sandhurst - GU47 0FF. Where is my nearest course for sourdough please?

  4. Jayne Mead

    02. May, 2011

    I have taken a recent interest in starting to make my own bread - but I just don't know where to start! Reading about your mission and courses yesterday in the Sunday Mail came at the right time - I am also looking to do something else workwise ( I'm a nurse of 35 years!) - can you tell me if you are planning any courses in the North West London area or Berkshire or even Isle of Wight? Thanks Jayne

  5. LEKAN

    03. Jun, 2011

    in making bread,one of the ingridients is potassium bromate. but i heard pottasium bromate is cancerous, is that true? if yes please can you tell me more about pottasium bromate? Thank you.

  6. virtuousbread

    03. Jun, 2011

    I am so sorry, I have never heard of this ingredient for bread making on a craft level. Perhaps industrial bakers use it, but real bread does not contain it as far as I know. At least, I certainly don't use it and I don't know a baker who does. Sorry I cannot be more helpful.

  7. Name (required)

    25. Aug, 2011

    Do you see a time when you might be able to offer bread making courses North of the border?

  8. virtuousbread

    25. Aug, 2011

    Hi Jen, Absolutely! Where are you exactly? Do e mail me directly and we can discuss!

  9. Louise Anstead

    14. Dec, 2011

    Please let me have your dates in 2012 for the basic bread course and the sourdough course. Thank you.

  10. Mona

    31. May, 2014

    Do you have any sourdough bread course this week in London?

  11. virtuousbread

    31. May, 2014

    Dear Mona

    I am SO SORRY I am catching this now. I do apologise. If you look here: http://breadangels.com/courses/ you can search for a course by date or type. We look forward to welcoming you!

  12. erdenetsetseg

    06. Jun, 2014

    Hi i live in mongolia i really want to learn make perfect sourdough bread and i want set up sourdough bread business in my country becouse sourdough bread is healthy and safety food can i come to london and study in your course if is it possible can u reply thank u

  13. virtuousbread

    06. Jun, 2014

    Hello how lovely to hear from someone so far away. Of course we would be delighted to teach you and if you look here:


    and type sourdough in the search bar you will find the dates! We look forward to welcoming you.


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