Executive Team Building with Bread

"What strikes me is how executives, myself included, would go to meetings and at some point, the tray of sandwiches would appear.  We would eat like a pack of dogs at the same time as trying to resolve the company's most pressing issues.  It's madness."

Sound familiar?

Why not actually make your own lunch and then pause to eat it.  It does not take all day.  It does not even take  several hours.  It's just for a bit.

Making bread is 15 minutes of action and two  hours of down time followed by 15 minutes of action and two hours of down time.  You can make bread whilst you have your meeting.  As you drink coffee, and in between using the loo and checking your blackberry, you can make bread.  Together.  One loaf each.  You are invited to knead the dough in silence for ten minutes, while you confront your thoughts about your company's or team's most pressing issues; or you can simply let your mind roam.

During the bread's "down time" you have a structured, facilitated meeting that works on the issue you want to resolve.  You flip between the different parts of your brain, move between different rooms and different activities, and at some point you truly share your acts of creation - by eating them.

The team building events are run by Jane Mason who was a partner in a strategy consulting firm before she became an independent consultant and founded Virtuousbread.com.  She has been running complex projects and  facilitating Board meetings, team meetings, and other interventions for some of the world's largest companies for over ten years. She is a qualified executive coach, Myers Briggs practitioner, as well as a professional baker.

For more information on a completely different kind of team building experience (not paintballing, go kart racing, or laserquest) and one which actually fits in perfectly to your working day whilst developing your team and delivering business results, please Contact us .

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