Easy bread recipes

Talking to people is a wonderful way of gathering recipes.

Bakers are extremely generous with their recipes because bakers know that each and every loaf of bread is unique.  The size, strength and scent of the baker's hands, the origin and quality of the ingredients, the oven, the heat and humidity of the day...all of these things effect the final outcome.  Different people can use the exact same recipe and the bread will come out completely differently.  Individuality and humanity are the hallmarks of the hand made loaf.

Whenever we receive a recipe we will test it, modify it if necessary to make it easy, and put it on the website.  You can see the list recipes we have tested on the left.  We will add new ones as we test them and, over time, we hope there is something there for everyone.

If you have a bread recipe to share or questions about a recipe that is there, please contact us.

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