Announcing the UK’s first and only gluten free micro bakery course

Announcing the UK’s first and only gluten free micro bakery course

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Would you like to set up your own Gluten Free Micro Bakery?  Look no further than here!

We had a letter recently from a wonderful lady who was all ready to do the Bread Angels micro bakery course and then found out that one of her children is coeliac.  She wrote and asked if we had a GF micro bakery course and, after some consultation among the Bread Angels we have decided to launch our first ever GF micro bakery course.

The tutor is Alex Vaughan whose doctor prescribed a GF diet to cope with some kind of auto immune issue.  The GF diet made no difference whatsoever but she continued to experiment with GF baking and has become an expert in the field.  Alex is turning out beautiful GF products and has learned a lot along the way about how to produce them, how to make them delicious, how to substitute for glutinous flour, and how to keep the costs down.  The ingredients of GF baking are a LOT more expensive, by the way, so costs are a big consideration.

Quinoa & Wholemeal loaves

Quinoa & Wholemeal loaves!  Fantastic!

The first ever GF microbakery class will cover:

- the different types of gluten free flours and blends more readily accessible in the UK market, their properties and how to  combine them
- starches, agglutination and all the ingredients traditionally used to bring a GF dough together
- natural add-ins for flavour and texture.

Students will practice a a series of bakes on each day to explore different properties and types of products: from plain loaves to enriched dough, from GF bread to GF pastry, from quick yeasts to sourdough.

Finally, because this is the micro bakery class and the objective is to earn how to set up a micro bakery, students will look at the nitty-gritty of running a home-based business - legislation, marketing, suppliers, customers - and discuss the specifics of students' future businesses.

GF pizza

GF pizza!  Delicious

Going GF is one of the hottest trends in the developed world at the moment.  Like veganism, vegetarianism, or DF, GF is sometimes an option of the privileged.  It can be an option taken by those who have health problems for which restrictive diets of one kind or another alleviate.  Whether the alleviation is "scientifically" real - avoiding or alleviating physical symptoms caused by, for example, diagnosed coeliac disease, or psychosomatically real (and therefore real) - avoiding or alleviating physical symptoms that the person has, for one reason or another, experienced, does matter, actually.  Depending on where you live, and what is around you, and what you can afford, a varied diet high in certain things (plants) and low in others (meat, fish, alcohol, tobacco, processed foods) is correlated with physical and mental health and longevity.

GF pancakes

GF pancakes!  YUM!

Here at the global HQ of Virtuous Bread we confess that we are committed to gluten.  We have written extensively about how to make wheat and other glutenous flours more digestible through long fermentation and gentle/minimal processing.  We have also written extensively about the ingredients in industrially processed bread and how they benefit the manufacture, rather than the consumer.  On balance we do believe that unless you are a coeliac you can and should eat bread - made with good ingredients and fermented over a long period of time so that the flour is easily digestible.  That being said, we do understand there is a real need for GF products and we also see that a lot of GF products available are just rubbish.  GF does not equate to healthy if the ingredients and the means of processing are poor.  We are all about making good bread available to as many people as possible and helping budding entrepreneurs realise their dreams of setting up a business that engages their passions, helps them to support their local communities, and enables them to make a living along the way.  Whether it is GF or non GF bread does not really matter to us - it just has to be good and good for you.

Seeded GF loaf

Seeded GF loaf.  Wonderful!

Sign up today for the UK's only GF micro bakery course!  If you are not quite ready for that, you can take Alex's GF baking class to put your toe in the water.

We look forward to welcoming you.


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