Small Food Awards 2018!

Small Food Awards 2018!

Posted on 28. Feb, 2018 by in Bread and conversation

Virtuous Bread is thrilled to team up once again with The School of Artisan Food to host the Small Food Awards 2018!

Click here to enter!

This is our second year offering the awards to professional, small food producers in the UK and we are inviting small food producers in the following categories to enter:

Bread - any kind of bread - sourdough or not sourdough - give us your best shot!

Charcuterie - this year this includes any dried, cured sausage (think saucisson, salami, salchichon).  This does not include pate, rillette, bacon, ham, smoked meat, confit....) just dried, cured sausage.

Cheese - any cheese - bring it on!

Chocolate - bars only - no truffles or chocolate covered coffee beans this year.

and, new for this year...

Fermented savoury food - this may include saurkraut, kimchee, pickled vegetables, etc.  No drinks this year!  No keffir, kombucha or booze.


1. Maximum of two people working in the business. This includes volunteers, interns and paid employees.

2. The products should be produced in a domestic environment - such as a home kitchen, garden shed, garage, sea container, church hall kitchen, shared food preparation space or any other non industrial environment - this is the spirit of these awards. It is crucial that products are at least partly handmade and entrants do not have access to professional equipment that allows them to mechanise the process from end to end.

3. Entrants are committed to excellence and committed to growing their brand, making it the best it can be and having a positive impact on customers and the UK food industry.

4. Entrants should register their entry by sending an email to Jane Mason by 9 April 2018 (see 'How to enter' section below for details). Entries must be submitted by post to or dropped off at the School of Artisan Food by 12 noon on 25 April 2018.  The entries can come any time that week and please let us know - by writing it on the envelope - if your entry should be popped in the fridge.

5. Entrants can enter as many categories as they like with a maximum of two submissions per category.


Entries will be judged on the afternoon of 25 April 2018. A panel of experts in each category will judge the entries and the top three finalists in all categories will be chosen. Judges will be scoring on the following criteria:

  • entry criteria
  • taste / flavour of the product
  • texture of product (both in touch & eating)
  • appearance
  • overall quality of submission.

All finalists will be invited to the award ceremony, which includes a delicious lunch, at the School of Artisan Food on 3 May 2018.

We are offering an array of fantastic prizes to finalists and plenty of publicity.

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2 Responses to “Small Food Awards 2018!”

  1. Allison Raper

    17. Mar, 2018


    The link to Jane Mason email doesn’t appear to be working & is like to enter the awards.

    I can’t see the ‘how to enter’ link either.

    Can you help me? I’m probably being seriously incompetent!

    Many thanks

  2. webmaster

    30. Mar, 2018

    Hi there, i just tried the links and they did work. However, as the chief incompetent IT person, here is the e mail for jane - Thanks!

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